IFE-Tebel Technologies  organization is dedicated to the After Market, with the flexibility of large and small quantities, special conditions, quick responses and the highest quality, all based on our extensive knowledge and experience of over more than 30 years in rolling stock.

IFE-Tebel Technologies is not only able to supply and support the ‘Tebel’ products, but also door systems and related components which have become obsolete.

In cooperation with IFE Automatic Door Systems we are able to offer the full range of service on door systems, such as Installation, Maintenance, Upgrades and Inspections. IFE-Tebel Technologies service area is the Netherlands and surroundings while the IFE and Knorr-Bremse subsidiaries are representing their local area which results into a world wide coverage.

The complete After Market portfolio is described on the home page of IFE Automatic Door Systems, see also